3 July 2015

50's Rock n Roll Tribute Act could be the one that you want!

'Summer Dreaming pays homage to a nostalgic bygone era when Elvis was King and all a girl dreamed of was becoming prom queen and finding the coolest guy with his hair greased in a duck tail, wearing a leather jacket.'

That's what we have to say about our wonderful musical tribute, Summer Dreaming but where does such an act fall in the increasingly competitive entertainment industry. In an age rife with musical theatre fanatics and the growing accessibility of the West End, a tribute show like this could be perfect if you're looking to incorporate something well polished, high energy and a little bit different to your next event.With the recent successes of movie musical adaptions such as Les Miserables and Hairspray it would seem that the British public still love a good sing-a-long. 

 The 'cast' of Summer Dreaming also take to the stage under the outfit An Evening With Dirty Dancing and assure that nobody is left in the corner as they present a sleek and exciting routine dedicated to one of the most popular romantic drama's of the 1980's. Not only do you get the nostalgic tunes sung live (!) you also get to see the iconic routines performed by a troupe of incredibly talented performers heralding largely from the West End themselves.

What these acts can bring to the stage is a few hours down memory lane with soda shops, sock hops and a cheeky little throwback to the legendary snake hips - Patrick Swayze. These fantastic high-energy tribute shows are a great alternative and fit right into any corporate event, wedding or party. One thing we can assure you is you'll have the time of your life!




26 June 2015

I Am Beyonce tribute act performs at 'Ladies Day' and YOUR wedding?

Roll up, roll up! Fantastic tribute to Beyonce for hire! Suitable for weddings, parties, all kinds of events! Roll up!

If you could have anyone perform at your wedding, who would it be? A universally super-famous and drop-dead gorgeous songstress with every award under the sun like BeyoncĂ©? Well, with an estimated net worth of  over $1 billion, Bey herself might be a little bit of a pipe dream.
Luckily we have an alternative (and a blooming good one at that!)

Tribute acts are an increasingly popular choice for couples tying the knot as it allows you as a couple to show a little bit of your personality and taste whilst having an affordable and accomplished performer entertaining your guests. 

One of our most popular and professional performers pays homage to Queen Bee herself under the outfit I Am Beyoncé at weddings, birthday parties etc.

Just last week she stormed a Tribute to Ladies Day at Trent Lock Golf and Country Club in Nottingham and she could be doing the same for you at your next event!

So whether it be Lionel Richie, The Beatles MJ or THE Queen of R&B - a high quality tribute could be the superstar talent you're looking for without the Hollywood price tag!

I Am Beyonce performs to a great crowd at Trent Lock.

19 June 2015

Gwen Dickey performs at The Royal Albert Hall at LeadBelly Fest!

After a little dip in our bloggin’ activity – Gwen Dickey’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall has given us an excuse we couldn’t refuse to get chatting again!

The 70’s soul legend took to the stage on Monday the 15th as part of an impressive array of artistes. The concert was billed as a tribute to American folk and blues artist, Huddie William Ledbetter more commonly known as ‘Lead Belly’ hence the name, Lead Belly Fest!

For anyone who may not be 
familiar with Lead Belly, he was 
a virtuoso musician made famous
by his topical lyrics, assortment 
of instruments and distinctive voice.  

His work has been heavily covered by 
scores of musicians and this ‘fest’ 
sought to celebrate his longevity and 
his continuing inspiration. As George 
Harrison once claimed, ‘No Lead Belly, 
no Beatles. 

Sharing the billing with such stars as Van Morrison and Jools Holland was Gwen Dickey whose distinctive voice can be heard on classic hits such as ‘Car Wash’ under the outfit, ‘Rose Royce.’ Her emotional performance alongside Josh White Jnr is testament to her own longevity and sustained talent.

We are very excited to have been part of making this fantastic event happen and are proud to have been a part of getting Gwen to this moving tribute to an iconic bluesman.