5 February 2016

Take a look at this outstanding David Bowie tribute artist..

With the passing of David Bowie, enquiries have been coming in thick and fast for our stunning tribute to the Starman. 

Like many tribute artists, Jean Genie is not just a singer in his own right but a dedicated and loving fan of the man he impersonates making this tribute one of the finest and most accurate out there.Through tribute shows such as this, fans can continue to enjoy the music (and costumes!) of one of Britains most-loved artists. 
Jean Genie

In the late 1990s John was approached by David Bowie’s famous band the Spiders from Mars and was asked by them if he’d front the band and tour with them. Obviously John accepted the offer and John remains to this day to be one of only a few tribute artists to tour and perform with an original artist’s band. John also played harmonica and sang backing vocals with Def Leopards Joe Elliott on the spiders from mars cybaunauts album.
John owes a lot of his experience of working in theatres and opera houses to Mike Southon aka Mike Fab Gere.

They both met on the Big Breakfast TV show in the early 90s and later teamed up together when Mike asked if John would tour in Mikes very own rock musical called Freak Out. More recently they found themselves performing again on stage in Moscow Russia.
John has undertaken many press/radio interviews touring extensively around the world playing the part of David Bowie. These days John prides himself on the quality of his voice, mannerisms and overall style to the late great David Bowie, many of John’s latest performances have been with Trevor chances highly successful show 'Legends' in Blackpool.

To all of Bowie's fans - young, old and those yet to discover his legacy, take a listen to the work of this brilliant performer who has dedicated his life to imitating this legend and his (almost) inimitable style!

29 January 2016

The Swinging Sixties are back! Check out these fantastic Sixties Tribute acts and bands!

Hard to believe it's been nearly half a century since we were in the midst of the Swinging Sixties. Mini skirts, flower power and The Beatles are just as popular as ever and we're constantly taking enquiries and bookings for our tribute acts and bands dedicated to one this groovy decade!
60s Tribute Band - The New Amen Corner     

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair if you are going to a New Amen Corner concert because you’ll soon be in a “Summer of Love” mood; for their music is full of that Feel Good Factor. 

The New Amen Corner have emerged in the last couple of years as the hottest band on the 60’s circuit because of their ability to recreate so perfectly the sound and atmosphere of that era. Their power house live show has made them one of the most exciting bands around, period clothing, authentic equipment and with the band encouraging their fans to don 60’s attire, their shows really breath life back, into what must be music’s most prolific decade.

The Mini car has just celebrated its 50th birthday and is still going strong; The Beatles’ albums have just been re-released and The Revolvers are bringing the great music of the 60’s back to life recreating the youthful look and the hits from your favourite 60's artist!

 Suited and booted, The Revolvers are an energetic tribute to the lost decade of the 60's. The Revolvers cover songs from artists such as Small Faces,The Kinks, The Beatles, The Who, Spencer Davis Group, The Rolling Stones and many more....

The Overtures - 60s Tribute Band

Lose yourself in a spectacular sixties show with The Overtures! Available for corporate functions, private parties, wedding receptions...The Overtures have performed for the likes of Paul McCartney and Elton John!

You'll hear every aspect of sixties music from the early 'Merseybeat' of The Beatles and The Searchers through to the 'surf' sound of The Beach Boys – the rhythm and blues of The Rolling Stones to the folk-rock of The Byrds and The Mamas and The Papas – the close harmony of Simon and Garfunkel to the psychedelic power of Jimi Hendrix.

This band are amazing! They're just the best band of their kind in the world."  Elton John - GQ Magazine

 Now, this wouldn't be a selection of our finest 60's tribute acts without a nod to a certain 4 piece.....

 The buzz they created in the early days soon caught the attention of Cavern City Tours, owners of the world famous Cavern Club and organisers of the annual International Beatles Week. The boys were given a Thursday night residency at The Cavern and have become the headline act at the Beatles Convention at Liverpool's Adelphi Hotel.

The Mersey Beatles are still honoured to be playing regular Thursday nights at The Cavern from 10pm and are well on their way to topping the 294 performances which The Beatles achieved at the club.

 So if that's inspired you to dust off your mini-skirt and button up your Sergeant Pepper-eseque tunic then give us a call and let's get booking your perfect 60's inspired shindig!


22 January 2016

Treat your guests to something a little bit different at your next party!.....

January. It's scientifically the most depressing month. You've over-indulged over the holidays and waking up to a house devoid of any tinsel or twinkly lights is getting you down.

We reckon this is the perfect time to get sorting something to seriously look forward to. Maybe someone's got a big birthday coming up? Or perhaps there's an engagement on the cards? Better still, you just fancy throwing yourself a big bash to shake yourself out of your seasonal slumber!

Whatever the reason, we're here to help get something spectacular to wow your guests with and here are a few quirky suggestions that will really make yours an event to remember!

The Dumb Waiters!

First up are our Dumb Waiters. These guys will make sure your guests won't forget this meal in a hurry!

For over 15 years our Wacky Waiters have been creating dining havoc. Our dubious duo have a lot of leg pulling fun.

In various guises our Comedy Waiters, unbeknown to your guests, inter mingle with the real waiting staff and there the fun begins...

The Bavarian Strollers!

The Bavarian Strollers have travelled the world bringing their unique take on Um Pah music to anybody that will listen!

They specialise in Bier Keller evenings and Um Pop nights although they can cater a performance to just about any need; they've done everything from strolling round offices while people work to dancing on top of a mountain in silly wigs!

Tropicalia Show Band is an Award Winning young vibrant London based established company wholly run by distinguished professional performers. They are the only ensemble in the UK providing the best and most unique Latin Brazilian Show including live music, singing and dance!
Discover how you could indulge yourself and your guests with a dazzling and classy entertainment! They can satisfy any request and cater for any budget, no matter how small or large.

Spencer May is one of the finest caricaturists in the UK and is particularly sought after with event organisers and agents in the North West.

He is an ideal choice for weddings, birthdays, christenings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events in fact any occasion when you want something a little different that will not only amaze your guests but give them a souvenir they will keep forever.

Brahms & Liszt are two classical musicians who appear to have walked into the wrong concert....
The style? A real kitchen sink of musical drama. Baroque and roll gone beserk!! It’s a gentle kind of audience participation that will sway even the most coy of spectators. Don’t drop your guard! The fun doesn’t finish until the very last moment. Wait and see!
The unique blend of humour and music that is Brahms and Liszt is equally as hypnotic on a audience of 50 as it is to 2000. The cabaret was designed to bring a little light relief to formal banquets and balls and is performed during the meal while the guests are seated! 

Now, if that hasn't inspired you to get booking something spectacular for your next big do, then pop over to the website for hundreds of other options of some fantastic acts.
We bet you'll find exactly what you're after!