24 July 2015

Have you booked your Christmas entertainment yet?

Tribute act? Party band? Comedian? Magician? Ping Pong Juggler?

The holiday season can play host to a huge array of entertainment possibilities and it can be a little tricky narrowing it down to what you want from your Christmas event.

It’s Christmaaaaaaaaas!

Christmas hits crop up in most singers repertoires and the stars who our tribute artists pay homage to are no exception. A good quality tribute artist can be a fantastic option for a variety of events.

Here's our festive playlist of tribute acts who can serenade your festive friends;

Ultimate Elton!

Track 1 - Step into Christmas! with Elton John!

Track 2 - Don’t let this be your ­Last Christmas with George Michael!

Track 3 - It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with Michael Buble!

And if those tunes don't tickle your festive fancy, then why not give your dinner guests the gift of song with The Superb Singing Waiters! This is high-energy big impact entertainment which will get everyone, old and young, dancing, clapping, singing and having a great time.

The Superb Singing Waiters
 Alternatively, if you were looking to cater for the little ones then wrap up warm for Freezing – An IcyAdventure.  With a troupe of Princesses, snowmen and an Oscar-winning soundtrack, fans of the Disney smash hit will love letting go in the snow with this magical act.

So that's Christmas sorted - New Years bash anyone?

17 July 2015

It was acceptable in the 60s, 70s, 80, 90s...why book a musical tribute to your favourite decade??

"The best music was in the 70's" "I love 90's tunes!" "It's all about the 80's!!" Well, we can provide a whole host of tribute bands from lovers of the swinging sixties to hardcore ravers of the 1990's.

When you think of a tribute act, your mind may jump to an Elvis impersonator or 4 guys and gals paying homage to Abba. Whilst this is a big part of the tribute market, you can also hook yourself up with an awesome party band dedicated to your favourite era.

1960's paved the way for free love, flower power and miniskirts and also happens to be one of the most hip and happening musical movements in recent history.
One of our fantastic bands (who coincidentally double up as a tribute to a couple o' guys called The Beatles)
Sound of the 60's - The Revolvers put on a brilliant eclectic set of some of the greatest tunes from the decade inclusing The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and of course, The Beatles.


1970's saw disco and rock together in the charts with aritsts such as The Jackson 5 and Queen appearing on the charts side by side. If you're after that bit of soul with your seventies sounds, Earth Wind for Hire
have a fantastic set list incorporating the best of The O'Jays, Le Freak and - you've guessed it Earth Wind and Fire.

1980's and it's time to Relax! and bust out the legwarmers. In the decade that saw the first of Madonna and Culture Club - Addicted to The 80's  give you the best of the 80's with a fantastic set list and full 80's regalia - you'll definitely be transported back with these guys!

1990s and it's the end of the 20th Century. Say hello to the Spice Girls and Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince! For those wanting a truly nostalgic throwback to the nineties, Ultra 90's
are about as 90's as a glowstick wearing a union jack! They've got the soundtrack to that gals holiday in Ibiza and provide a really exciting trip back to before the noughties.

So if you want to take a little trip down memory lane and listen to your favourite hits from yester-year one of these acts may be just what you need to throwback to the days and the awesome music that you miss....

10 July 2015

Motown: explained! What to expect from a Motown tribute act.

One of the most common enquiries we get is for a soul artist or tribute act to appear at a 'Motown night' or a 'Motown tribute' to appeal at a 'soul and disco night.' Over time, Motown has become a bit of a generic term for any kind of soul, gospel, disco type of music that fits. However, Motown is an American record label not a genre or a musical style or an adjective.

For example, if you were looking to host a 'Motown night' or a 'Motown theme' party and you wanted a 'Motown artist' to perform, you would be looking for performers who were signed to and have released music under the Motown label.
Most tributes to the 'sound of Motown' are vocal groups who specialise in covering hits produced by the label such as;
Hitsville - The Sound of Motown,
American Dream Motown Show,
Hitzville presents The American Drifters

These groups each have a full and faithful set list dedicated to the music produced by the Motown label and some of it's most popular artists. Other tribute acts such as Lionel Richie are a common request and although he was indeed a Motown artist, a lot of his solo music was released post 1980 and after the Motown heyday of the 60s and 70s that most people tend to associate with the Motown sound. With this in mind, he probably wouldn't be the best choice for an explicitly 'Motown' theme.

If you're considering Motown, you're probably thinking Soul aswell and The Gillettes are have a fantastic set list incorporating the best of Motown's artists in addition to Soul music.

So whatever the occassion, a tribute to the greats of Motown is a universally recognisable and enjoyable option.
And when your guests question you or meekly ask 'but what is Motown?' you are well equipped to explain!